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  • Percent of objectives achieved vs. percent of month completed, including weekends remaining.
  • Snapshot of used vehicle and wholesale gross, gross profit adjustments, finalized differences, and earned new vehicle per unit factory incentives, and any retail used vehicle internal profits.
  • Your dealership total gross profit pace, new vehicle sales pace, used vehicle sales pace, front gross pace, F&I gross pace, service gross pace, parts gross pace, and bodyshop gross pace.
  • Available sales days calendar, for planning purposes.
  • Months objectives vs. actual achieved, and the +/- difference.


  • This page displays a different view of all your dealership’s pace information, as well as pace info for each individual sales associate, service advisor, and technician.
  • You are also able to view any previous month’s information for comparison purposes.
  • View personnel pace including gross, units, repair orders and hours. Red and green indicators help you know instantly whether a person is excelling or under-performing.


  • Produce new, used, wholesale sales logs that can replace the one that most sales managers keep on their own.
  • List of all booked, bailed, finalized, and unwound units for the month.
  • Generate a heatsheet that lists all booked deals that are not yet finalized in accounting, but are likely on the street.
  • This log also displays any +/- difference in gross when the deal is updated in accounting from booked to finalized.


  • View the Pace, Objectives, and MTD production of your Sales Associates, Service Advisors, and Technicians.


  • View gross profit adjustments that occur after the deal has been finalized in accounting.
  • You are also able to view any previous month’s information for comparison purposes.
  • Red and green indicators help you quickly see the positive and negative adjustments.
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